In a future totalitarian society, a librarian is declared obsolete and sentenced to death. Mrs. Canfield: Dorothy Adams. Peterson: Reid Hammond. Mrs. Gumley: Lisa Golm. Grimbley: Loring Smith. Rose: Gertrude Flynn. Young Woman: Nan Peterson. Trapped in a recurring nightmare, a man tries to persuade those who are sentencing him to death that the whole scenario is not real. Consequently, he can't sell a single vehicle on his lot - until he comes up with an unusual marketing idea. Avery: Jack Elam. Doctor: Ed Platt. Priest: Mack Williams. The survivor (Robert Cummings) of a WWII bomber crash finds no trace of his crew---but sees jet aircraft overhead. Nelda: Mary Gregory. The daughter of an inventor objects to their "perfect" home where they are waited on by mechanical servants. He soon finds he can receive programs from the past when he's alone. Luis: John Alonso. Shrieks echoing through a monastery lead a guest (H.M. Wynant) to a prisoner, who monks claim is the devil. When he leaves the club he finds himself in 1865, on the night that President Lincoln will be shot. After successfully stealing a gold shipment, a group of criminals and their scientist accomplice put themselves in suspended animation in a remote desert cave. Chris: Philip Abbott. S2, Ep6 11 Nov. 1960 Alex Mattingly wonders whether his son Jeff's new friend Mike is real or imaginary. Subaltern: Joseph Elic. The Girl I Maried: Middle-aged corporate lawyer Ira Richman misses young Valerie, the girl he married twenty years ago and is surprised to see her materialize. Passing through the sound barrier, a commercial airliner inadvertently travels back in time. Art Carney plays a department-store Santa who finds a magical bag of gifts after getting drunk---and fired---on Christmas Eve. Written by Rod Serling. "The Once and Future King": Elvis impersonator Gary Pitkin finds himself transported back to Elvis' time after a car accident. Barney: Charles Carlson. Kramer: Bill Erwin. A classic anthology of sci-fi, suspense and goose-bump-inducing tales that explore 'a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.' Gallegos: Vladimir Sokoloff. A pair of newlyweds stopping in a small town are trapped by their own superstition when playing a fortune telling machine in a local diner. A pre-“Beverly Hillbillies” Buddy Ebsen plays a gentle man whose telekinetic powers are abused by his greedy partner (Dane Clark). Sheriff: John Larch. Vinnie: Carmen Mathews. 2: Greg Irvin. Phil finds meaningful human connection when he discovers a telepathic … Influential and often (poorly) imitated, the series was resurrected twice, in 1985 on CBS and in 2002 on UPN. Bartlett Finchley's paranoia about the machines around proves true. Henry: Jack Grinnage. The Twilight Zone (1985) Redoing some episodes and doing new ones 20 years later after the originals, these are made in color and in one-hour episodes. When three unintelligent crooks get ahold of a camera that takes pictures of the future, they set out to make a quick fortune with their new toy. But he may not go alone. Perry: Morgan Jones. Hatch: Sandy Kenyon. Venusian No. The Twilight Zone's sophomore season shines when it dares to be bold, but long runtimes and predictable plotting hold it … Prisoner: Robin Hughes. Mary Lou: Evans Evans. Policeman: Robert Lieb. With this bag he sets out to fulfill his one wish - to see the less fortunate inherit the bounties of Christmas. A writer feels that the machines in his house are conspiring against him. Host and prolific writer Rod Serling pe (more…)A classic anthology of sci-fi, suspense and goose-bump-inducing tales that explore 'a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.' Bettor: Don Rickles. Brother Christophorus: Frederic Ledebur. But when one is rescued, the other disappears. Will they ever listen? Chancellor: Fritz Weaver. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Ritchie: Harry Townes. Brooks: Lew Gallo. German Officer # 2: Albert Szabo. A talkative man takes an offer to keep silent for a year for $500,000. The Storyteller: Adolescent Micah Frost keeps his great-great-great-grandfather alive by making up serialized stories that continue night after night. A classic anthology of sci-fi, suspense and goose-bump-inducing tales that explore 'a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.' Mr. Bagby: Dan Tobin. After a derelict Santa Claus is fired on Christmas Eve, he finds a mysterious bag that gives out presents. No one believes a convicted murderer (Dennis Weaver), who insists that events are only part of his recurring nightmare. The pair head to Vegas to win big. Written by Rod Serling. Carol: Anne Barton. Most of the episodes contained two or three stories, and were broken up in half hour episodes for syndication. Prosperity proves problematic when a genie grants four wishes to a pawnbroker. Farwell: Oscar Beregi. Sheila: Jane Burgess. By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms Patrolman: James Lydon. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Rod Serling is the host. Vietnam-era draft dodger Jeff McDowell sees something familiar about a wheelchair-bound man who has appeared in his house unexpectedly. When he confronts the head monk, he is told that the man is the Devil, and he must decide whom to believe. Liz Powell is terrified by a recurring nightmare involving the number 22. When they awaken decades later, complications ensue when their truck is destroyed.