They are in no particular order of importance on the global stage. There may be some tension over this, because it will coincide with the decline of American superpower-hood in the first half of the 21st century. Web. Last week we asked readers for their predictions of life in 100 years time. N.p., 2015. In 100 years, much of healthcare will take place in our own homes. By 2040, it is possible that the first manned mission to Mars will take place, but those who go to the Red Planet will not be able to return to Earth. By 2050, the nation will have well surpassed a Brazil-in-2015 level of potential and economic prowess, exporting talent and capital all over the world. N.p., 2015. [2] It is unknown at present what implications this has for the book's further predictions, such as the Third World War and the US conflict with Mexico. These countries will experience economic and social strain, caused by a diminishing working age demographic and a rapidly aging population. Iran will be a major player in the region, and if sanctions are lifted (as the agreement reached today stipulates, albeit with conditions to be met) it could become a stronger economic power. (ASCO), Innovation Academy for Microsatellites, Chinese Academy of Sciences/unnamed German firm. Other tech giants generate revenue through a range of products, services, and applications—for instance, while a healthy portion of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone sales, the company captures 17% of revenue from a mix of services, ranging from Apple Pay to Apple Music. Northern white rhinos will be extinct by 2022. If the change happens as predicted, the resulting climate problems will push more and more people to migrate to safer areas.,. Despite many efforts both internal and external to disband this tough little nation, Israel will still be around in 2115. Also, he seemed genuinely afraid of demographic changes. ‘Assessment Of Projected Temperature Impacts From Climate Change On The U.S. Electric Power Sector Using The Integrated Planning Model®’. The war will ultimately end with a victory by the United States and its allies. At some point, Putin will die and after a few years of confusion Russia will calm down and be ready to contribute again. In addition, the economic problems imposed by mass retirement of the Baby Boomers will fade away as the last of the Boomers die. N.p., 2015. Every census I could ever find indicated that at least three generations lived in the same house. The predictions of people far more qualified than me range from ‘meh’ to apocalyptic. I recently finished reading The Next 100 Years, a book by George Friedman that outlines the possible political, technological, and social trends of the next 100 years. Web. As these countries move into the space in the global economy left by Brazil, Turkey, Russia, China, and Nigeria’s development, they will gain influence. Energy Policy 73 (2014): 524-539. With 358 satellites launched as of April, part of SpaceX’s mission is to boost navigation capabilities and supply the world with space-based internet. ‘Tentative Deal Reached On Iran Nuke Agreement’. Web. N.p., 2015. Web. The report predicts that homes of the future will be be 3D-printed by swarms of drones, and that cities will take completely different shapes than what we are used to. The full publication containing all predictions can be found here. Because it’s fun and it helps us critically think about how to take advantage of future investment and business opportunities. With its flock of small EO satellites, or “doves”, Planet Labs now has more than 150 satellites in operation (however, in April 2020, the number exceeded 250, as per above data). 2 Apr. N.p., 2015. According to the book, North America will remain the center of gravity for the global economic and political system for at least a few more centuries following the 21st century. My great grandchildren will still need to eat, will still like tea and coffee, and will still want to have time for family. For a long time, the former will be the choice. ABC News. Friedman speculates in the book that the United States will probably become a close ally of some Central and Eastern European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. Second to communications, 27% of commercial satellites have been launched for Earth Observation (EO) purposes, including environmental monitoring and border security. Although mainly about the geopolitics and wars of the century, the book also makes some economic, social, and technological predictions for the 21st century. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ( Log Out /  9 Apr. 2015. Before SpaceX, NASA and the other space agencies that operate the International Space Station had been reliant on Russian Soyuz rockets for hundreds of missions. In particular, the United States will greatly ease immigration controls, and will begin trying to entice foreigners - especially Mexicans - to immigrate to the United States. Initially supported by the United States, Turkey will expand its sphere of influence and become a regional power, much as it was during the time of the Ottoman Empire. N.p., 2015. Forbes. N.p., 2015. It’s rather depressing how little imagination she has, given the fact that she is in the lucrative business of presenting fantasies as facts. ‘Limiting Climate Change Could Have Huge Economic Benefits, Study Finds’. 2015. Like most oil-rich countries, Venezuela will face a major problem in the middle of the century when its reserves begin to falter. Collectively, the above five countries operate roughly 76% of the world’s satellites. Nearly 6,000 satellites circle our tiny planet. 2015. Washington Post,. Following the war, the United States will enjoy a new post-war boom (similar to the post–World War II economic expansion). 2 Apr. Government and civil purposes make up 21% of all of Earth’s operational satellites, and military purposes come in at 13%. ‘Free Movement Of Persons, Asylum And Immigration’. Paris: l’Herne, 2007. It is unlikely that all the species currently under threat will survive the onslaught. This is not a terrible situation to be in. This will come back into necessity, and already is for many people my age. N.p., 2015. While the company operated 22% of the world’s operational satellites as of April, it went on to launch an additional 175 satellites in the span of one month, from August to September 2020. Australia will benefit greatly from migration and trade as an outsider, and if there ever was a conflict between the Pacific and Atlantic regions, it could com out of it as a power much like the US did at the end of WWI. Dairy Industry, New Waves: The ESG Megatrend Meets Green Bonds, Mapped: The Countries With the Most Military Spending, Visualizing the State of Democracy, by Country, Every Presidential Candidate’s Running Mate Since WWII. However, later in the century, as robots begin to make human work obsolete, mass unemployment will result, and the United States, suffering from a labor surplus, will move to limit immigration again. Domestic social issues will become the fixation, and the US will use covert measures such as drones to carry out the vast majority of any foreign intervention. In the immediate future, Daesh (al-. Around 2015, a Polish-led military alliance of countries in Central and Eastern Europe will begin to form, which is referred to in the book as the "Polish Bloc.". 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