(Photo: PA, PA Wire/PA Images). Halley takes around 76 years to make a complete revolution around the Sun. Most zip by at 41 miles per second, which translates to about 148,000 mph. Now the current life expectancy of an average American is about 79 years, so if you were born in 1982, there's about a 50-50 chance that you'll still be around when the comet returns. The Orionid meteor shower is considered to be the best meteor shower of the fall season and among the best ones of the entire year. So, although the Orionids will be at their peak, a fair number of these streaks of light might be squelched by moonlight. They can charge RAVPower’s compact power bank before they head out on the trail, and then use it to quickly juice up a phone or tablet when the batteries get low. This year, the meteor shower will be brightest the night of Monday, October 21 and the morning of Tuesday, October 22. The constellation Orion the Hunter takes center stage in this Orionid meteor shower image by astrophotographer Gowrishankar Lakshminarayanan. If you missed Halley's Comet's last trip through the inner solar system in 1986, you'll have to wait a while to catch its next appearance. The spectacular Orionids meteor shower will be on show soon, displaying 'shooting stars' across Devon and Cornwall. “I would rank the Orionids in the top five meteor showers of the year,” AccuWeather astronomy blogger Dave Samuhel said. The Orionids are visible from Earth starting in the beginning of October, but they don't peak until the latter half of the month. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. This is roughly the interval between the time the radiant rises and the time of moonrise. If the meteors originate from Halley's, why are they called the Orionids? "If you can spot Orion, then get ready for some meteors," Samuhel said. "This comet leaves debris in its wake that strikes Earth’s atmosphere most fully around Oct. 20-22, while Earth intersects the comet’s orbit, as it does every year at this time," Byrd said. Not only does it contain supplies for pain, cuts and scrapes, burns, and blisters (every hiker’s nemesis! As of now, forecasters from AccuWeather are calling for heavy cloud cover in many eastern states during the hours when the meteor shower is supposed to peak. When these tiny bits of comet collide with Earth, friction with our atmosphere raises them to incandescence and produces the effect popularly referred to as "shooting" or "falling" stars. To see it, make sure you're in an area with clear, open skies and minimal light pollution. To view the shower, try to avoid light pollution and don't use binoculars or telescopes, Weather.com said. © The comet is only visible from Earth every 75 to 76 years. But if you wait until the hours leading up to dawn, when the moon sets and skies are darkest, you may be able to spot the shower. After peaking on Tuesday morning, activity will begin to slowly descend, dropping back to around five visible meteors per hour around Oct. 25. From the sweat-absorbing cork handles to the selection of pole tips for different terrain, these poles answer every need on the trail. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Some people view the shower as extra special as the meteors are actually pieces of Comet 1P/Halley, famously known as Halley's comet. ", Tractor hits railway bridge on busy Exeter road, Bicton College confirms coronavirus cases, The college has 'robust measures in place' following four positive COVID results, Torre Abbey Christmas event is bringing ice rink to Torquay, There used to be a plastic rink in the town during the late 70s and early 80s, University of Exeter suspends students after large parties and coronavirus breaches, Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police has to break up parties over the weekend, Students at the University of Exeter warned 'don't be complacent' despite fall in COVID cases, The cluster of cases in the Pennsylvania & University MSOA area has fallen to 72 – it was 322 ten days ago, Work to begin on new Local Plan for East Devon, 'We need to move with speed, but need to ensure with the speed, we get things right', Missing man detained after major Exeter Quay search, Police helicopter was called in to help find missing man in his 30s, Exeter councillors reject bid for proportional representation voting at local elections, Four members of the authority's Progressive Group backed the idea, Husband who attacked wife at Exeter home ordered to attend anti-domestic violence course, Police were called after neighbours became concerned.