Mother Archetype in Mythology. It does so through Gaia, the archetype/goddess/system which, among other conditions necessary for life to thrive on planet Earth, regulates the salinity of oceans, the processing of carbon dioxide and the oxygenation of the atmosphere. The “mother” archetype represents a woman’s maternal instinct, the desire to create life, and to provide physical, mental and … They possess a wisdom, both a natural intelligence, a knowledge gained through experience of the world and an intuitive sense of the best of course of action in any given situation, which makes them valued counsellors. She was also the divine mother of every pharaoh of Egypt, and ultimately of Egypt itself. She believes that, rather than identifying power and success as an ultimate goal in life, these instead can be achieved and a fulfilling life completed by developing intimate relationships with our bodies, our psyche, other people and with nature. The Great Mother: An Analysis of the Archetype – by Erich Neumann (Author), Martin Liebscher (Foreword), Ralph Manheim (Translator), Gifts of Mother Earth: Earth Energies, Vortexes, Lines, and Grids – by Jaap Van Etten, Odin’s Wife: Mother Earth in Germanic Mythology – by William P. Reaves. As a result, a number of deities are linked to the mother figure in religions throughout the world, both historically and currently. Even though there is somewhat less literature and research on this topic, there are certain archetypes that are consistently described across the different systems. Learn more In mythology the mother archetype is linked with the concepts of the Great Mother or Mother Nature, whereby the mother-figure nourishes and protects the whole of creation rather than an individual child. We begin with The Mother, the characteristics of her full expression and her shadow versions, as well as the examples from popular culture, that will help you better understand and recognize this archetype. The Maiden-Mother-Crone archetype. Behind the personal mother is the archetype of the Great Mother. She is able to offer emotional, spiritual and physical comfort and support to those who seek her assistance. Take, for instance, the ancient carvings of rounded, curved, feminine forms found in Willendorf. The Earth Mother archetype is personified in Greek mythology in the form of the Goddess Gaia, otherwise known as Mother Earth. Here you’ll find a collection of useful resources to help you better understand your personality archetypes. In the 1970s scientist James Lovelock developed the ‘Gaia Theory’, named for the Greek goddess. The meaning held by archetypes is often unconscious and can be hard to put into words. In Myth: Demeter, Ceres, Yemanja, Anahita, Nut, Cybele, Gaia, Tara, Tlazolteotz, Akua’ Ba, Gwandusu, Isis, Kali Ma. Contact She is in touch with the messages that the body holds and heeds them – if the body indicates anxiety, for example, she will listen to this and act to resolve this, enabling her to live a more healthy life as a result. Contact A podcast about evolving technology, society, and consciousness by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova. An example of the archetype Earth Mother is the character of the Good Witch of the North in L Frank Baum’s novel The Wizard of Oz, and the 1939 film of the same name. As a result, these goddesses came sometimes to be referred to as Mother Earth or as the Earth Mother. Pre-Christian cultures in Europe, like the Norse and Roman societies, honored the deities of women, with their shrines and temples built to honor such goddesses as Bona Dea, Cybele, Frigga, and Hella. Affiliate Disclosure The biological foundations of motherhood that determine the qualities of The Mother archetype The Mother in its fullness as the expression of nurturing, empathy, and complete acceptance Professions that benefit from a strong presence of this archetype Manifestations of The Mothers’ energy in children Learn all about the earth mother archetype, including definition, characteristics, examples and how it relates to the Caregiver archetype. Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy. This includes Great Mother deities such as Gaia and Mother Earth. These icons are the symbol of something once revered. To this category belongs the goddess, and especially the Mother of God, the Virgin, and Sophia. So in the second part of this series, we will explore the archetypes of The Mother, The Amazon, The Lover, The Witch, and The Queen. This … When Margaret Murray wrote her ground-breaking God of the Witches in 1931, scholars quickly dismissed her theory of a universal, pre-Christian cult of witches who worshiped a singular mother goddess. The Earth Mother archetype is symbolic in particular of fertility and abundance on the planet. In this archetype, the mother nurtures not just the child, but all of creation or certain elements of nature. Mythology offers many variations of the mother archetype, as for instance the mother who reappears as the maiden in the myth of Demeter and Kore; or the mother who is also the beloved, as in the Cybele-Attis myth. As a result of this all life and wellbeing on the planet was believed to be completely dependent on the will of Gaia. The archetypal Earth Mother possesses many positive qualities which can be harnessed to help the world in which they exist. The Ancient Greeks believed that it was from Gaia’s fertile womb that all life came and that all living things must return to Mother Earth after their designated life span is over. The Ancient Greeks believed that it was from Gaia’s fertile womb that all life came and that all living things must return to Mother Earth after their designated life span is over. They have an innate sense of spirituality, in touch with the less tangible and more unknown aspects of the world in which they live, able to help other people also become in touch with and understand these more effectively. She is symbolic of femininity, both the active and unique gifts which the feminine can bring to the world and femininity as a way of life. It’s a bit like the chicken or the egg, though. Privacy Policy Gaia is able to do so through a complex system that enables the exchange of information between animate and inanimate matter. Ultimately, that reverence for the archetype of "mother" has been carried over in modern Pagan religions. All of the physical world was seen as Mother, having the qualities of giving and taking away life. Regardless, those goddesses of motherhood from ancient societies were a widely varied bunch — some loved unwisely, some fought battles to protect their young, others fought with their offspring. Jung would have claimed that the archetypes were there before the drama, which had to incorporate them in order to enthrall the audience. As a psychological archetype: When the “mother” archetype is dominant in a woman’s psyche, she is a natural caretaker. The quality of ‘being’ is a specialty of the Earth Mother. The Mother. Press, FTP077: The Mother Archetype – Helicopter Parent vs. Full Acceptance of Human Nature, In ancient cultures, Mother could mean your actual mother, the general mother role, and also nature itself. She helps Dorothy on her journey to the Emerald City, acting as a maternal figure of support and nurturing whilst guiding Dorothy on her journey home. Gaia was believed to have created herself out of primordial chaos. The Earth Mother appreciates living in the here and now, rather than living life focused on anxiety about what the future may bring or holding guilt about past shames and mistakes. Tolkien, Prayer for Healing – Great Mother – Peruquois & Solar Wind, FTP076: The King Archetype – The Crown Of The Mature Masculine Psyche, FTP075: The Magician Archetype – Rediscovering The Sacred Beyond The Mundane, FTP074: Reclaiming The Warrior Archetype In Modern Masculinity, FTP073: Accessing The Most Repressed Archetype In The Masculine Psyche – The Lover, FTP039: Jordan Peterson – Archetypes, Psychedelics and Enlightenment, The biological foundations of motherhood that determine the qualities of The Mother archetype, The Mother in its fullness as the expression of nurturing, empathy, and complete acceptance, Professions that benefit from a strong presence of this archetype, Manifestations of The Mothers’ energy in children, How anyone can use The Mother archetype to increase their wellbeing, Helicopter Mother – the most common shadow version in today’s society, How the Mother archetype shows up in activism, How to recognize when you are stepping into the shadow version of The Mother, Mother as nature itself; that which gives and takes away life, Examples of this archetype in mythology and popular culture. After covering Jungian masculine archetypes in previous four episodes, today we are starting to explore feminine archetypes. An example of an archetype is Mother. About The Earth Mother archetype is personified in Greek mythology in the form of the Goddess Gaia, otherwise known as Mother Earth. Gods and Goddesses of Death and the Underworld. She encourages individuals to have positive relationships with their bodies, with nature and with other people around them, being demonstrative of the positive energy that can be achieved in doing so. - @EuvieIvanova, Men have to get initiated: women get initiated by nature @MikeGilliland, Mothers, Witches And The Power Of Archetypes, The Power of the Mother: Encountering the Mother Archetype, Lady Galadriel: Mother in the Works of J.R.R. Some might argue that the Christian figure of Mary is a mother goddess as well, although many groups might disagree with that concept as being "too Pagan." C.G. Jung believed that this helped to explain the prevalence and universality of such earth mother folklore and imagery around the world.