There may be minor changes to current model you are looking at. Material quality is excellent, and the quilted leather seats and microsuede trim on the door panels and center console are elegant touches, but these niceties are only available on the top trim level. And, despite a slight price bump for 2020, it still manages to come in cheaper than all but the Lexus NX 300. Popular searches Genesis G80 … The following review is for a 2020 Model Year. The Acura RDX gets a new PMC edition for 2021. Infiniti Cars Australia will have to go without a mid-sized SUV offering for a little while longer, with the company confirming with CarAdvice that the all-new QX50 has been delayed for our market yet again. N/A to 100mph. The SUV now offers lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert with automatic braking and automatic high beams without checking a single option box. ... No word on what will be standard for Australia, although Infiniti has typically loaded its cars generously to try to stand out in the busy luxury space. Search & read all of our INFINITI QX50 reviews by top motoring journalists. The crossover also comes with well-bolstered and comfortable semi-aniline leather upholstered seats in Autograph trim. Will QX50 buyers really care that the engine is the first of its kind and a technological triumph? Unlike many inline-four engines displacing 2.0-liters or more, the Infiniti engine doesn’t use balance shafts, which helps offset the weight of the new parts. I wish the powertrain was more responsive, but even I can appreciate how well-balanced the 2020 QX50's performance and efficiency can be. We're bringing you a handful of C/D stories each month, focused on vehicles we've either not yet driven, or models not offered in Australia. 267 Torque. Recommended List Price (MRLP) inclusive of GST, exclusive of options and on road costs. It has one of the best power numbers in the segment. May 23, 2019. Powered by a 2.0L Inline 4-cylinder engine, the QX50 produces 268 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. On the 2021 Infiniti QX50 Luxe, a new Appearance Package has been made available. The 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder uses a novel variable-displacement system that can alter the engine's compression ratio on the fly, going from thrifty to powerful with a nudge of the accelerator. It might not be the fastest car in the segment, but it still runs in tandem with its competitors. Oh, it still uses the same awkward, dual-screen setup, splitting the interface between an 8-inch display up top and a 7-inch screen below. Blink and you'll miss that one of the QX50's two dashboard USB ports has been converted to a type-C connection -- the other remains the familiar, rectangular type-A port. The Top Gear car review: Infiniti QX50. The 2020 Infiniti QX50 is basically the same car my colleague Andrew Krok reviewed last year. Essential models can be further upgraded with an $800 Pro Assist package -- not ProPilot Assist, mind you -- that adds adaptive cruise control, lane-departure prevention, blind-spot intervention and those "Cube Design" LED headlamps with adaptive lighting. In most driving, there’s enough torque and power to keep the CVT from having to spin the engine past 3000 rpm. Both ports charged my Google Pixel 4XL at the same speed when connected. 99 /100. The key highlights of the vehicle for 2021 include the addition of several new standard features. After initially being earmarked for a late 2018 debut in Australia, Infiniti's local director told CarAdvice in July last year its Mercedes-Benz GLC fighter would lob Down Under in mid-2019. That Audi gets Quattro AWD as a stand-alone choice. On the thrifty side of the equation, you're looking at 26 miles per gallon combined (23 city, 29 highway) for the front-wheel-drive configuration. Grab a paddle shifter and the CVT offers up eight preset ratios for QX50 customers who miss clearly defined gears, a number that probably rounds to zero. The sweet spot is the 2020 QX50 Essential ($44,100) which adds useful features including a surround-view camera and Automatic Collision Notification, which calls emergency services if you're in an accident. 0-60 Time . exterior. The 2021 Infiniti QX50 interior comprises a 6-speaker audio system, triple LCD monitors, seek-scan SiriusXM AM, FM, HD, and satellite radio. There are four selectable driving modes: Eco gives the throttle pedal an epidural and removes all sensitivity, switching to Sport keeps the CVT at the ready by keeping engine revs elevated and the throttle awake, and Standard mode dials back the throttle response slightly and puts the CVT into a low-revving fuel-saving mode. Other than that, the streamlined body design and the fender bulges remain as usual to give the car a bit more character. The 2021 Infiniti QX50 gets the same dimensions as its outgoing version. The upper display is for the navigation system, one that we should mention appears to have been pulled right out of a 2008 Infiniti. View all 60 consumer vehicle reviews for the 2019 INFINITI QX50 on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2019 QX50. Dynamic engine mounts keep any bad vibes from getting inside the cabin. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. The upper display is primarily where the map for navigation lives and where the rear- and surround-view camera feeds show up. Infiniti’s VC-T engine (for Variable Compression, Turbocharged) can change how far its pistons rise in its cylinders, which changes the engine’s compression ratio, a parameter that, heretofore, had been fixed. Overall, the system doesn't seem to actually do anything that you couldn't get done with a single screen and smarter interface design. In fact, the QX50’s new platform makes it wider than the Lexus RX350, and the sliding bench rear seat boasts more legroom than the one in the longer Lexus. The 2021 Infiniti QX50 Pure set you back about $38,000. It is quite clear that with segment rivals like the Acura RDX, Audi Q5, and Cadillac XT5 around, the 2021 Infiniti QX50 is not leaving anything to chances. Infiniti has been uncharacteristically nimble with updating its small luxury SUV, tweaking the packing and tech just one year after this generation's launch. Plug in via USB and your automotive-phone interface of choice will appear on the upper display where it can be controlled via touch input or the physical knob. The Infiniti QX50 is a compact luxury crossover SUV mainly focused on providing good value for money with a luxurious touch. The physical controller isn't quite optimized for Android Auto, so making selections or moving between the onscreen zones is tricky. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. N/A Seconds. Bad news? Work your way up the trim level ladder to unlock Nissan/Infiniti's ProPilot Assist. Some of the hesitation may be due to the continuously variable automatic transmission’s sluggish responses and throttle tuning. However, you must keep your hands on the wheel at all times. The optional Direct Adaptive Steering -- standard equipment on my Autograph model -- allows me to toggle the steering feel, weight and responsiveness between a nicely tuned Comfort setting and a more awake Sport mode with a smaller on-center dead zone. The smaller engine block helps control the emissions and also make the car more efficient. Spacious, refined, quiet, and comfortable. The physical control knob on the center console remains, allowing drivers to take control of the upper display without having to reach -- it's pretty far up there -- or smudge the screen with fingerprints. The QX50 produces a massive 268 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque which propels the vehicle to 60 MPH from a standstill in a mere 6.4 seconds. While most fun inside this compact luxury SUV can be had in the driver's seat, Infiniti hasn't forgotten about other occupants. All 280 lb-ft (380Nm) of torque are available from 1600 rpm and the 268 horsepower come in at 5600 rpm. Do not let your kids eat in here unless you enjoy scrubbing chocolate out of white, quilted, perforated leather seats. The infotainment system is compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth. It's a nice touch for people who've converted all of their gadgets to type-C, but I don't believe there are any function advantages beyond the connection itself. A compact crossover with a luxury twist. It’s a welcome personality trait in an otherwise quiet and refined vehicle. It will continue to be offered in the same five trims as before: Pure, Luxe, Essential, Sensory, and Autograph. Facebook; Twitter; Google+; WhatsApp; Mailto; Copy link; Full screen. Will it bother you that the two graphic displays don’t share the same fonts? Provided that the engine doesn’t pull an Oldsmobile diesel or a Cadillac V-8-6-4, the unique complexity and novel solution under the hood will go unnoticed, and that’s not the applause that the engineers deserve. Given that the aim of all this monkey motion is improved efficiency, how good is the resulting fuel economy? The amount of head, shoulder, and leg space available in both the rows of the Infiniti QX50 is quite adequate and well above the segment average. $30,229 SEARCH. The QX50 was already a surprisingly good value, but small improvements for 2020 make this compact Infiniti so much more competitive. However, in our testing, the extraordinary turbocharged four-cylinder produced mostly ordinary fuel economy. Interior decorations include aluminum or simulated wood in most trims except for the Autograph, which consists of a suede headliner and real wood decorations for delivering a luxurious experience. I found it best to use the touchscreen directly, but as mentioned, the upper display can be quite a reach depending on your seating position. © CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. The QX50, revealed in November 2017, has had its Australian debut pushed out to the middle of 2019. Below that display is another touchscreen that has apps, audio controls, phone pairing, vehicle settings, and destination entry. Review Score. interior. It adds aesthetic upgrades like 20-inch black wheels, black mirror caps, dark chrome accents, black grille mesh, and a graphite headliner. This adds a bit to the starting price, but I think the extra value is worth it. Efforts are light and there’s a weird artificialness in the way it increases efforts when the front tires are stressed, but the steering is very quick and lively off center. Point harder and the front tires give a clear warning that they’re running out of grip. That compromises the overall range offered by this luxury compact SUV. With the changing times, Infiniti has given the QX50 modern essentials, like it did last time in 2019. In the competitive luxury compact SUV segment, from the vaults of Infiniti, we have the 2021 QX50. The 2021 Infiniti QX50 Pure will be offered with a sticker price starting from $37,950.