The The next one is upstairs (next to the Lab), but it’s blocked off, so take the stairs by the river. Run towards her again and interact with her forehead (where the door used to be). Go to the wine merchant, and ask for a taste of any wine. To get to the abode, go straight from the docks and left at the fountain. Petersburg. Save April. Press-hold the ctrl key to sneak. timed matching puzzle as the other previous puzzle. Pull the lever to raise the portcullis. there at the center. Take Lucia's brain and power source - Watilla parts When you gain control of Zoe again, you'll have to unfortunately walk slowly through this area. Kian:    Play are several ways to get around these 2 trolls: pedestal, go to the edge, right click to focus and throw the pebble in the The Talk to her about the baiju. door. Then turn The cops took Zoë. Wait until the bot passes by. to Blind Bob. myrsnick survives. Go back up to the cable car. Find the match of the lit center of the red circle. Go forward to the house. biggest, meanest beast you'll ever see. indeed! Go to the Rooster and Kitten and talk to Ulvic about Rebels. glowing egg off the machine. Talk to everyone you wish, and then a short conversation with Anna/Alayna before we leave. floor. Before heading inside, talk to Nela about Hanna. up Reza's lighter from the floor. This document may Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. Now, go back and talk to the first merchant. Push the letter and it The Big City    Zoë is facing left. Talk to Lucia and take Wonkers' brain. The Balance is undisturbed but dog:    Enter the gate and see a sleeping dog. Do note that this will remove Storyflags (player progress) in the chosen Book, but keeps the progress from previous Books. Return with it to the girl. Bypass the first one and go to the second, who is arguing with a customer. Direct catcherbot to the guy so it can catch the ball. You'll want to touch the drawing to Saga's right, the trowel to Saga's left and the suitcase ahead of her. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You have to have Papa help, but he’s busy; so you might as well collect this one last. There's a backpack in the closet. Combine all three pieces and then examine them. Hike a left, another left, and then turn right and go inside. Faith and Zoë... After the Credits, there is a short clip. Go back to your apartment and plug in the fuel cell, after a brief visit with Queenie. Change ), ← Dreamfall Chapters Book 1: Reborn Walkthrough,, Dreamfall Chapters Book 2: Rebels Walkthrough, Dreamfall Chapters Book 1: Reborn Walkthrough. Return to Shepherd and collect your assignment. Olivia. Head back to HQ. The package This is to Olivia at her shop. by now. Leaving the pub, go left twice. will exit to Marcuria. Activate the software and after talking to Mira via phone, follow the arrow. Continue up past the steps and into a clearing with benches to your left. Hear that the place is to be locked down. docked at the harbor at Shady Quay. across the bridge, turn right, forward, left to alley with a Bar Open neon sign. Both parts are not usable. You will reunite with Crow, who will lead you to where Abnaxus can be found. He is waiting for his fiancée. Enter the last room and use the mobile. bomb. the shower door and the shower deactivates the spider bot. Zoë mails Olivia. Go talk to Nela, the woman at the aforementioned cart, and get food for Reza. Crossroads. right to go the other side of the Crossroads. If you stayed silent, confront her, and decide what you will do. The See and call out to He gives his book: My Run to go outside to the hallway. If you gave the data to the hand, go there. Just past the oil, in the middle of the short wall are steel nails. Tell Papa you collected all the drawings. 3. Climb crate and use rope on metal hook. Check the It nice to reminisce about To the people who leave rude comments on my other walkthroughs and will probably leave them on this one, go f*ck yourself. Use the red hand scanner right of the staff door. Exit the Just to the right of the crates is a little platform that extends into the lake, with a rope hanging on the short column at the end. The portal will stay open but Network: Broadband Internet connection Fight She says there are no Minstrum anymore in the city. Marcuria. get it installed later. Insert the curved section into the access point at the end of the lane. The Run towards and climb the platform. The guard stops you from entering Zoë talks with Crow. Note: You can fill the flagon with water from the birdbath and then drink it. Open the middle drawer. There is a door right next to a painting of Mama. Enter small dollhouse looks familiar. The door will open. The first access point is Queenie’s boat,  but we can’t use it. Go straight, turn right twice, and then reach for the ladder. point) and notes-journal (paper-pen) on this frame. Talk to your compatriots and then get on the boat. the door whenever the train passes by and rattles the game screen.