She covered the Gulf War in 1990 and became a familiar face as she covered it from the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait to the victory of the U.S. coalition. by David Burnett , Christiane Amanpour, et al. During the height of the Arab Spring she conducted an Emmy-winning interview, the last, with Libya's former leader 'Colonel' Moammar Gadhafi, she was also the last journalist to interview Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak just before he was deposed. In 1992, she went to Bosnia and Herzegovina to cover the war. She announced in December 2011 that she would quit her post and return to CNN International. She began her career as an entry-level assistant for CNN in Atlanta and soon climbed the ladder to become a reporter and later a correspondent. Personal Life & Legacy. Christiane Amanpour established herself as a solid reporter in war-torn areas, securing herself exclusive interviews with world leaders., Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings, Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup, The Top 25 Wrestling Announcers Of All Time, Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet, Celebrities Who Are Not In The Limelight Anymore. Throughout her time at CNN Amanpour has secured exclusive interviews with global power players. She is based in the network's London bureau. 4.8 out of 5 stars 16. Hardcover $35.72 $ 35. Rubin is a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State and has been an informal advisor to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Surgeon General: 'If Trump were my patient, I'd be worried'. She has several honorary degrees and accolades, including an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Emory University, an Honorary doctorate degree from the University of Michigan, and Honorary doctorate of humane letters from the University of Southern California. Amanpour's fearless and uncompromising approach made her popular with audiences, and a force to be reckoned with by global influencers -- in 1996, Newsweek said that her reporting from conflict hotspots in the Gulf and the Balkans had helped make CNN 'must-see TV for world leaders'. Amanpour graduated summa cum laude from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. From the 1991 Gulf War, the 2003 American-led invasion, Amanpour has documented the bloody violence which has marked Iraq's recent history. January 12, Following his landslide election victory, Amanpour spoke exclusively to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, eliciting from him acknowledgement of the occurrence of the Holocaust. She has interviewed educational rights activist Malala Yousafzai for CNN on several occasions -- bringing focus to her courage and international advocacy work. Christiane Amanpour was born on January 12, 1958 in London to Mahmoud Amanpour and Patricia Hill. Her reportage not only made her more successful but garnered her more awards. Christiane Amanpour was born in Ealing, Middlesex, England, in 1958. In 1990, Amanpour was offered the position of correspondent for CNN’s New York bureau. In March 2010, Amanpour announced that she would be working with ABC News and leave CNN after a long stint of 27 years. She has also covered events and wars in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Rwanda, and Saudi Arabia. She reported on the democratic revolutions sweeping across Europe and soon became the go-to reporter for CNN. Her mother is from England. Beginning in 1983 as an entry-level assistant on the international assignment desk at CNN's headquarters in Atlanta, Amanpour rose through the organization becoming a reporter at the New York bureau, and later, the network's leading international correspondent. Christiane Amanpour is a renowned British-Iranian journalist and a television host. Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions, The Democratic activists shaping the election, Fourest: 'You are killed for your ideas in France', Why Covid is 'the ultimate pre-existing condition', Mazzucato: 'Nothing inevitable' about suffering, Michael Palin: Trump's 'outdone the satirists', WHO Europe Director: Covid response must be 'proportionate', Dave Eggers puts President Trump out to sea, Legal commentator: Trump put ACB 'in a box', Larry Wilmore wants an uncomfortable conversation, 'The same blood runs through everyone's veins', Michigan AG: Barr might have committed perjury, Psychologist: 'Baby steps' towards happiness matter, Sridhar: 'Too early' to say Trump is clear, Historian says 'it's a very worrying time', Nasr: US enemies gain from Trump's Covid infection, Fmr Dep.