Her third album, Dark Hearts, although a welcomed comeback, lands roughly about where we’d expect her to at this point in her career.With ultra-sleek, modernized production, [her new album] finds a wide range through variety and style as Annie …

While Annie has edged her way into the mainstream spotlight by scoring various films and even participating on Norwegian Idol as a panel judge, she continues to strive within her wheelhouse by stamping her name on what the genre of pop has the potential to become. The Norwegian singer is best known for crafting pop at an arch, ironic remove, but her new album recalls the song that, until now, was her outlier: “Anthonio,” a song conceived as an imagined perfume commercial.
But both tracks are less dramatic than hazy; the former clarifies that doomsday is really just “an ordinary day,” and the latter, while full of air horns and trance synths and sampled cries about nuclear war, is more sedate groove than banger. As Dark Hearts unfolds, a lot of what attributes to is uneven flow comes from Annie’s attempt to widen her aim. Step 2 (optional): Enter any other comments/feedback here, Step 3: Enter your email address.
The tracks that don't work as well drift too close to '80s pastiche and land right on the nose; the processed Springsteen-lite sound of "The Streets Where I Belong" detracts from the poignant lyrics, and the over-the-top drums and synths of "The Countdown to the End of the World" overwhelm Annie's feather-light vocals. Did you install a browser extension (such as Realplayer/Realdownloader) that helps you download YouTube videos or other content? You might have the Hola VPN extension installed. report. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music.

The term electro-pop has kind of lost its meaning, The Top 20 has, for many years, been full of music created on computers, from Charli XCX to BTS to Clean Bandit. “American Cars,” the first single she dropped back in mid-June, is that ideal balance we crave from her writing–its neon-lit groove shows her focused progression while she stays true to her roots.

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Hearing it only serves as a reminder of Annie's old style and probably could have been cut so that, if they so desired, the listener could be fully enveloped by the blue mood that surrounds the music like a heavy cloud. Toward the end comes the apocalyptica that’s almost expected in 2020: a Skeeter Davis riff in “Countdown to the End of the World,” then that end of the world delivered via “The Bomb,” the closest thing on Dark Hearts to a full-on dance song.