The solution seems to vary quite a bit. You can try the other options … I gave the new engine a shot. sup everyone. All it changes is lighting and grass. If you have success doing this I would be very interested because then I would be able to run AO better on my own laptop. I just wanted to say I followed CALOSS2's video for the new client and tried multiple Whampas (like 30) without a single crash. Almost everyone is advised to just use the “old” engine due to its stability over the new one. thats the bios advanced setting wich one Ive to change ? Anyone? Can we think of a better solution than a 6 hour org lock? More posts from the anarchyonline community. I'm looking forward to visiting all my old stomping grounds and seeing what they look like with the new engine :). When I went to one of the new areas, like ICC and the new player experience I could really see the difference. Is there a way to try it out? As you have two GPUs you should be able to see which is taking the load. BUT BE AWARE, this will lead to many weird behavior under Windows and you might have to enable the Intel graphic card when you are done playing the game to prevent problems under normal work in Windows. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. oh sick …that suxx so hard. GSP's Christmas 2020 Brainstorming thread (AO), Need Char ID Resett. I'm very used to that format and all the MMOs I play use it.... the steam version doesn't come with the new client, it uses the old one, Look at new Zelda game in nintendo switch, its ♥♥♥♥ game with sub 720p people still play it because its called Zelda, as long as the game has depth, the graphics don't bother me that much (as long as they are servicable). Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),, While the new engine doesn't change much graphically it -does- allow you to use things like Sweetfx or Reshader to add effects (similar to ENB on Skyrim, etc). Feb 26, … Did that project die, or is it still progressing? reduced battery life is no problem. I can only assume the main dev only played in borderless windowed mode and never saw a pressing need to address the broken full screen. ClickSaver (Kimi's 3.1.0 version) for Anarchy Online. (steam version is SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Anarchy Online) Under Anti Aliasing mode, select Override application setting and for Anti Aliasing method select Supersampling. sup everyone. There should either be tooltips in the right hand sidebar when you select each option or your going to need to find the manual for your device. Welcome to Anarchy Online! I don’t think this is related to which video card it runs on, but a separate problem. Press J to jump to the feed. It was a cool game when there weren't many games like it, esp. I played AO a hundred years ago and left the game shortly after Shadowlands launched. I’m not familiar with your BIOS either, but my guess would be to set the option “MSHYBRID or DISCRETE Switch” from “MSHYBRID” to “DISCRETE”. You get a fresh coat of paint over what is essentially the same game. They should have focused on the game instead. option A is not avaible. maybe it will with your laptop but it never worked for mine. Anarchy Online > General Discussions > Topic Details. That is the new engine for everyone ;), If you're finding a lot of crashes, this definately helps :-, Played for a couple hours last night on the new engine and experienced no crashes. New engine with max everything settings. as u can see the BP, signs, … the whole textures of characters r in Low Quality … and I dont know y. settings wont show my gtx 970m! idk anymore hehe. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,, Error- No access to dimension You dont have access to this dimension. Is there a way to try it out? If you have a Nvidia graphics card and follow the procedures in CALOSS2's Youtube which is linked in the "New Engine" thread, you'll get a marked improvement to textures, shadows & lighting. < > Showing 1-15 of 20 comments . That should mean that your laptop will always use your GTX 970M (discrete GPU) instead of switching between your integrated (Intel HD 530) and discrete GPUs. as a new user I cannot post any pictures? All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Anarchy Online > General Discussions > Topic Details. I had a similar problem on my laptop. Anarchy Online is a sci-fi MMORPG released in 2001. going into my bios did nothing because, like yours, the laptop has an integrated gpu. There are posts in a number of places. Ive tried the guide from Caloss2 " Anarchy Online 18.8 “Fixing” The New Engine". I didn't have that much bad luck using the new engine. Sorry to say that AO has a long history of struggling with laptops with dual graphics cards. Anarchy Online also offers a completely unprecedented amount of content geared specifically toward players who don't just want to fight and loot all the time. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. may this will be the prob ? Caloss! thx to u both! the manufacturer doesn’t allow for much customization in the bios with those. the 970m shows up now. New engine - open beta available; Open World PVP & Tower Defense; Expansive Character Progression ; Community. And, inability to render some Xan graphics for a decent amount of people. Feb 26, 2017 @ 11:32am Is there a way to transfer new engine/prefs setup to steam version? the tabbing out for aoitems/aouniverse checkups is alot better in window mode and specifically in a multi monitor environment. Option A: I would like to try option c at first. You need to get it from their site instead. as u can see there r high textures, edit: is there a performance boost in real fullscreen mode? Cookies help us deliver our Services. [Recruitment] ATHEN PALADINS - recruitment: open [Clans]. The models and textures are the same as the old engine. Take a look at Caloss2 Gaming's video on it : Stone Legion. The game looks exactly the same. New engine works well but needs to be ran in borderless windowed, full screen has a bug where the aspect ratio doesn’t seem to be rendered right and will show everything kind of squished horizontally no matter what resolution you pick. What you are looking for is the option that doesn’t revert to the integrated GPU to save power. AO needs huge update with many things and will be even harder next future,this is one of them. © Valve Corporation. This has no effect. basically those mobility gfx cards only tun on when they are needed. Edit: also how much vram does your GPU have? Any News about AO ? If it’s your discrete GPU then we can probably be satisfied that that’s no longer the issue. All Discussions ... shadows & lighting. Maybe Caloss2 anything else? I see that the "New Rendering Engine" video on the home page is five years old. New Engine (Dx9) Patch: -> NE If you are using the new (Dx9) engine, you need to install this after you have installed (or updated to) the current Core Package. Download link for the new engine is here :-. But I cant run AO with the new engine on my Laptop with high quality textures. If you're playing the game through steam or running the old engine, open AMD Radeon Settings (right click desktop) add the AnarchyOnline.exe found in your AO install path. Thanks for the information. Im always pluged in. its always been on low settings. It definitely looks nicer, but theres random inexplicable crashes that aren't present in the old client. Log-in and play! The first time I logged in the new engine I thought it was the same, but I was in Borealis looking at the textures on the buildings. Im running AO correctly. The new engine is by no means the visual quality of The Secret World, but still a decent improvement over the orginal. Even the characters' look improves after those changes. As well the quality of lighing, textures and shadows were significantly improved. But I cant run AO with the new engine on my Laptop with high quality textures. Don't question why they will say beta but still is it beta for life? Was around and reported since it’s first public beta, unfortunate that it was never addressed. No ideas guys? Can't believe you are still around mate :) Awesome vid. I would suggest trying to run ao on a more current version of directx, since this solution has worked for other old games in the past. also, my prefs folder isnt showing up :S weird, its not actually listed as "prefs" folder its a number/letter named folder, Moving prefs from one installation to another :-. What would be a comparable tool to set the profiles with AMD/ATI? The only real change was the shadows and god rays. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (got me an rx480) and new engine immediately crashed me goign to ICC from bor as soon as I logged in, but hasn't happened yet again however would love to take your idea and make it work with ATI too for good measure. cba setting up hotbars and stuff again and kinda wanna use new version of game :D, Or if you just want the new engine just copy the entire game into the Steam folder there is a video in this forum showing how to do it exactly, cheers!